Standard Profil

détails de l'entreprise

Sector and Position Standard Profil Group is a leading supplier, established in 1977 in Turkey, producing sealing profiles for automotive manufacturers all around the world. The Group has a wide and prestigious customer portfolio, including brands of BMW Group, Daimler, FCA, VW Group, Renault-Nissan, Toyota etc. (detail info: Global Footprint The Group Headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey and 12 production plants are operating in 4 continents. In addition to 4 plants in Düzce and Manisa in Turkey, the company has factories in Spain, Bulgaria, China, South Africa, Morocco and Mexico. Including R&D Centers in Turkey and Spain, the design and resident offices in USA and Europe, Standard Profil Group operates in 13 countries with almost 8000 employees in total. Tailor-made Solutions in Automotive Sealing Systems Hands-on experience over the years, constantly developed technology and fully equipped facilities, Standard Profil Group supplies tailor-made solutions in every phase of its business from initial design till assembly to the car. Distinguished with its proper functions, aesthetics, performance and energy-efficiency, Standard Profil’s products are used in all segments of the automotive industry, ranging from E-Segment executive prestige cars to commercial vehicles. Where ever installed on various visible and non-visible locations within the vehicle, such as doors, windshield, hood and trunk, sealing profiles act as a barrier to water, air, wind and road noise and dust in order to increase the comfort of the user.